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  1. What is a Null Hypothesis? - Definition & Examples - Video ...


    1/5/2016 · A null hypothesis is a hypothesis that says there is no statistical significance between the two variables in the hypothesis. It is the hypothesis that the researcher is trying to disprove.

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    • Null Hypothesis - The Commonly Accepted Hypothesis


      The null hypothesis (H 0) is a hypothesis which the researcher tries to disprove, reject or nullify. The 'null' often refers to the common view of something, while the alternative hypothesis is what the researcher really thinks is the cause of a phenomenon.

    • Null Hypothesis: Definition and Examples - ThoughtCo


      Also, while the null hypothesis may be simply stated, there's a good chance the alternate hypothesis is incorrect. For example, if your null hypothesis is that plant growth is unaffected by duration of sunlight, you could state the alternate hypothesis several different ways.

    • What Are Examples of a Hypothesis? - ThoughtCo


      The null hypothesis is good for experimentation because it's simple to disprove. If you disprove a null hypothesis, that is evidence for a relationship between the variables you are examining. For example:

    • Null Hypothesis Definition and Examples, How to State ...


      The null hypothesis, H 0 is the commonly accepted fact; it is the opposite of the alternate hypothesis. Researchers work to reject, nullify or disprove the null hypothesis. Researchers work to reject, nullify or disprove the null hypothesis.

    • Examples of Hypothesis - examples.yourdictionary.com


      A null hypothesis (H0) exists when a researcher believes there is no relationship between the two variables, or there is a lack of information to state a scientific hypothesis. This is something to attempt to disprove or discredit.

    • Null hypothesis - Wikipedia

      • In inferential statistics, the null hypothesis is a general statement or default position that there is no relationship between two measured phenomena, or no association among groups. Testing the null hypothesis—and thus concluding that there are or are not grounds for believing that there is a relationship between two phenomena —is a central task in the modern practice of science; the field of statistics gives precise criteria for rejecting a null hypothesis. The null hypothesis is...
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    • Null Hypothesis - Investopedia


      The null hypothesis is the initial statistical claim that the population mean is equivalent to the claimed. For example, assume the average time to cook a specific brand of pasta is 12 minutes.

    • Give an example of a null hypothesis - Answers.com


      An example of a null hypothesis would be 'There is no relation between voter preference and the sex of the mayoral candidate.' The alternative hypothesis would be, ' There is a relation between ...

    • What is a “Null Hypothesis” in Statistics? - Official Site


      A null hypothesis is a statement about a population that we compare to our sample data. It is our starting point for statistical significance testing. ... Home Basics Must-Know Statistics Null Hypothesis Simple Introduction ... For example, a null hypothesis may also state …