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  1. Supply creates its own demand - Wikipedia


    Keynes does not cite a specific source for the phrase, and, as it does not appear to be found in the pre-Keynesian literature, some consider its ultimate origin a "mystery". The phrase "supply creates its own demand" appears earlier, in quotes, in a 1934 letter of Keynes, and has been suggested that the phrase was an oral tradition at Cambridge, in the circle of Joan Robinson, and that it may ...

  2. Political economy | Britannica.com


    Political economy: Political economy, branch of social science that studies the relationships between individuals and society and between markets and the state, using a diverse set of tools and methods drawn largely from economics, political science, and sociology. The term political economy is …

  3. Free articles of confederation Essays and Papers


    Free articles of confederation papers, essays, and research papers.

  4. Free retirement Essays and Papers - 123helpme.com


    Free retirement papers, essays, and research papers. The Retirement Boom Of Retirement - Countless seniors perceive retirement as just a step away from never working again; other seniors are …

  5. JSTOR: Viewing Subject: Economics


    JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

  6. Applied economics - Wikipedia


    Applied economics is the application of economic theory and econometrics in specific settings. As one of the two sets of fields of economics (the other set being the core), it is typically characterized by the application of the core, i.e. economic theory and econometrics, to address practical issues in a range of fields including demographic economics, labour economics, business economics ...

  7. Reconstruction and the Formerly Enslaved, Freedom's Story ...


    W. Fitzhugh Brundage was a Fellow at the National Humanities Center in 1995-96. He is the William B. Umstead Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Address comments or questions to Professor Brundage through TeacherServe “Comments and Questions.”. Illustration credits

  8. John Stuart Mill - Wikipedia


    «Quand'anche l'intera umanità, a eccezione di una sola persona, avesse una certa opinione, e quell'unica persona ne avesse una opposta, non per questo l'umanità potrebbe metterla a tacere: non avrebbe maggiori giustificazioni di quante ne avrebbe quell'unica persona per mettere a tacere l'umanità, avendone il potere.

  9. American History [ushistory.org]


    The word history comes from the Greek word historía which means "to learn or know by inquiry." In the pieces that follow, we encourage you to probe, dispute, dig deeper — inquire. History is not static. It's fluid. It changes and grows and becomes richer and more complex when any individual ...

  10. John Stuart Mill | Biography, Philosophy, Books, & Facts ...


    John Stuart Mill (1806–73), Bentham’s successor as the leader of the utilitarians and the most influential British thinker of the 19th century, had some sympathy for the view that Bentham’s position was too narrow and crude. His essay “Utilitarianism” (1861) introduced several modifications, all…